Subtitling / Titling

In Media Arts Studio we are ready to perform any subtitling task, from the simple creation of compatible files for authoring or transmission to the burning of subtitles for digital Betacam tape formats.
Of course, the same quality standards are applied for our subtitles as for our voiceovers, always ensuring the best technical and linguistic quality.

Open captions (Hard / open subtitles, video burn-in)
In this mode, the subtitles are permanently merged with the video signal. We have the necessary hardware and software to work in all professional SD formats.

Prerendered subtitles (bitmaps)
This subtitle format is primarily used for authoring DVDs and Blu-ray, where the user can activate or deactivate the subtitles

Closed Captions
We can provide any type of file formats (eg EBU STL,. SRT, 890,. SSA, etc.) Used primarily for authoring or television broadcast, and can be selected by the end user.